Does a picture mean a thousand hits?

A complaint from Dennis the Peasant:

Beginning last Sunday, my site traffic has dropped to almost exactly by half from where it normally is. On weekdays, I averaged — until this week — roughly 1,000 unique visitors a day. This week I’ve pulled an average of under 600. Is this because I am now running pictures of my face on the bodies of David Beckham and some anonymous barbell boy? It would be entirely logical to assume so, but in reality what has happened is that Google Images has gone through some sort of update. And in the course of said update, many of the images from this site have either been relegated to the back pages of any given image search or have disappeared from the image search altogether.

I suppose I should take the fact that I’m now revealed as being even more insignificant than previously thought as a bit of a blow, but I can’t really muster the ego to work up even a minor sulk. I just don’t care.

Which is, of course, the only way to view a downturn in traffic: studied disdain.

Rather a lot of Google Images searches that landed here made no sense whatever to me: they’d serve up a monthly or category archive, a couple hundred meg, maybe more, and an unrelated photograph, mostly because somewhere in those couple hundred meg are two words which the searcher put together but which I never did. If Google is restringing an algorithm to make this less likely, it’s fine with me. Not that I have any desire to see Dennis’ traffic diminish, mind you. (And mine hasn’t dropped at all, for some inscrutable reason.)

I might also point out that if I really wanted to kill off my readership, I’d post shots of my head Photoshopped onto my own body.


  1. Tam »

    1 August 2007 · 7:20 am

    That’s the downside of getting half your hits from anonymous Google searches. ;)

  2. Gradual Dazzle »

    1 August 2007 · 9:34 am

    I’d think I hit the big time if I got 600 hits on average without an Instalanche. [sigh] And I can’t play up any assets like Atlas Shrugs because I haven’t got any.

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