In case of any doubt

Trini got her first shipment from Woot’s T-shirt operation, and it’s a pretty decent piece of work, executed in 100-percent cotton by the American Apparel guys.

One thing is troubling, though: the fabric-care tag contains the ominous notation “not for use as pants.”


  1. Mister Snitch! »

    1 August 2007 · 3:37 pm

    “not for use as pants.”

    Well after all, that shirt’s not made for walkin’.

  2. Francis W. Porretto »

    1 August 2007 · 4:42 pm

    Then don’t! They’ve warned her, after all, and nobody does “I told you so” better than a printed T-shirt vendor.

  3. Kay Dennison »

    1 August 2007 · 5:51 pm

    lol I love this site! I want the T-shirt that reads:
    Worst Unlicensed Merchandise Ever. Vogue, however, would disapprove of the names of the colors.

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