Preemptively clearing the lawn

There is, after all, such a thing as too much connectivity:

Recently there’s been a commercial on television for a drug / alcohol rehabilitation center that emphasizes that “you can bring your cell phone and laptop!” (I’m pretty sure it caters solely to the very well heeled.) The possibility that being continuously available and perpetually connected, via one’s cell phone and the Internet, might have something to do with one’s dependencies on drugs or booze should be of interest to the proprietors of such an establishment. I do hope they know what they’re doing.

I mention this because of a bit of knowledge that seems to me to fall into the “obvious / overlooked” category:

To the extent that one concentrates on worldly things, he neglects his own mental and spiritual health.

Just so. You must have time for yourself: for hobbies, for relaxation, for contemplation. Not having that time is genuinely Bad For You.

Having time each day merely to amuse oneself, or just to sit and think, greatly improves one’s life. Yet we’re practically taught to avoid such periods — to stay as busy as possible virtually all the time. The emphasis on work, on “multitasking” (which, as a former expert in the architecture of multitasking operating systems for embedded devices, I can assure you is always an illusion) and on achieving ever more per unit time is using us up in ways we don’t always perceive and even less often appreciate. You’d almost suspect that time spent in introspection had been deemed an offense against the social norms.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed in my particular job so long is simply that I can put it aside at 4:30; I don’t take work home with me, and seldom do I take calls from the office. I consider this practice absolutely essential to my mental health, and gradually, the powers that be are seeing it my way. Poor you if your particular set of TPTB doesn’t.

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  1. Trumwill »

    21 October 2015 · 8:10 pm

    I… don’t know if I would be able to heal at a place without a cell phone and laptop.

    Which I think would kinda leave me screwed if I ever developed a substance abuse problem.

    (Other than nicotine.)

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