Corrode rage

Alan Sullivan says he wouldn’t be surprised to see more Twin Cities bridges crumbling:

They use far too much road salt during the long Minnesota winters: it rots out the cars, and eventually even steel girders give way. It’s time for local authorities to cut back the chemicals and rely more on old-fashioned sand.

We don’t have this problem in Oklahoma: we simply cheap out on the actual construction.

Meanwhile, I picked up this bulletin from a MySpace friend:

No one laugh at me any more about going over bridges and being afraid.

No giggles here.


  1. Don »

    2 August 2007 · 10:47 am

    In Chicago, where I’m originally from, it can be a perfectly clear beautiful winter day and the salt trucks will be out…because that night storms are coming. There’s so much salt on the roads, neighborhoods and driveways get salted for free because of everything you drag in. And, the first few inches of grass next to your driveway will be brown at the start of spring due to the salt.

  2. Mister Snitch! »

    2 August 2007 · 12:14 pm

    We go in tunnels UNDER water around here. A steampipe from 1924 exploded last week. The tunnels are nearly as old. Think about it.

  3. Winston »

    3 August 2007 · 5:36 am

    Are we missing a link in the “Meanwhile…” sentence?

    Not much salt around Tennessee the last few years – not much snow. I heard the TDOT switched to some kind of synthetic salt that does not rust out the cars. Of course, it probably contributes to high blood pressure in laboratory animals.

    The whole country is laced with bridges and tunnels built post WW2, many about the same age and technology as the one that collapsed. Many have been poorly maintained due to lack of funding. Scary thoughts…

  4. CGHill »

    3 August 2007 · 7:09 am

    The thing about MySpace bulletins is, you come in through an external link and you get this incredibly cluttered page that says somewhere on it “You Have To Be Logged In To Do That!” I figured most people wouldn’t bother.

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