The no-ply list

Okay, it isn’t that bad yet — see, for instance, the situations in Chile and Venezuela, but God help us, there’s inequality all over this scenario:

As exposés go, it may not rank up there with the Pentagon Papers, but student journalists have captured the attention of Ryerson University, in Canada, and national coverage there with an investigation of differential toilet papers.

Under the headline “Two-ply toilet paper creates two-tiered Ryerson,” The Ryerson Eyeopener reported that bathrooms throughout the university are stocked with one-ply. The exception, the newspaper said, is in two floors of the administration building, which house the offices of president, provost, and vice presidents for administration and finance, research and innovation, and university advancement.

Ryerson officials did not dispute the finding but noted (and the student newspaper subsequently acknowledged) other, leased spaces off campus, where Ryerson employees enjoy two-ply comfort: the offices of alumni relations, international affairs, diversity institute, finance and human resources.

I am pretty sure no one at Ryerson reads my Twitter feed, which is regularly packed with tales of college students for whom this could not possibly be a problem, inasmuch as they apparently are not capable of wiping their own asses no matter what material might be available for their use.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    4 November 2015 · 7:14 am

    Well, I could see Alumni Relations having the nicer stuff, seeing as they’re trying to attract and please donors. And maybe International Affairs, as international students, at least at some schools, are cash cows.

    (Full disclosure: we have one-ply in the loos here. Don’t know what the administration gets. But as they’re currently on Donut Lockdown and apparently no one cares about what goes on foodwise in my building, perhaps it’s a fair trade).

    Also, as a commenter at the news site noted: “what do you get when you fold up one-ply? Two-ply.” Math isn’t THAT hard…..

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