Technorati must be hosed

Screen cap

There’s no other way to explain “Rank: 1,” unless Dave Sifry’s trying out a new Rankness Index, an unlikely possibility at best. Still, I figured I ought to preserve this for posterity, since there’s no way anyone’s ever going to see this again unless I get much more proficient at Photoshop. At the time, the Top 100 button did seem to work correctly. (I’m guesstimating my actual Technorati rank to be around 23,000.)

Addendum, 9 pm: Robert Gorell of GrokDotCom sees a perfect opportunity to bait links.


  1. unimpressed »

    4 August 2007 · 12:37 pm

    Bask in it. It may be your only shot at glory. :)

  2. aka_monty »

    4 August 2007 · 1:43 pm

    Shove over, pal, I got the same ranking today. :)

    I refuse to believe that it’s a technorati glitch.

  3. David Sifry »

    4 August 2007 · 3:58 pm

    Whoops! Yep, you caught us doing some maintenance. Obviously, you should never see that ( we work hard so that you don’t see us sweat) but clearly we missed this one! Give us a little while, and everything should be back to its normal operations…

    Sorry, and thanks for pointing out the bug, it helped us to jump on it early…


  4. gail »

    4 August 2007 · 6:16 pm

    As predicted by Andy Warhol

  5. CGHill »

    4 August 2007 · 6:28 pm

    I think I’ve been hanging at 14:55 for rather a long time now.

    Per the repaired Technorati, I rank 21,977th as of this moment.

  6. aka_monty »

    4 August 2007 · 10:52 pm

    I’m not going to go check, I’m still cruisin’ on the “I’M NUMBER ONE! I’M NUMBER ONE!” vibe.


  7. Mister Snitch! »

    5 August 2007 · 2:48 am

    Silfry couldn’t just let you enjoy it and say ‘Hey you WERE number one for a second there’. It’s no coincidence that he also never gets laid (at least according to the Technorati ‘Who’s-Getting-Some’ meter).

  8. mike »

    7 August 2007 · 5:51 am

    It would have been nice for Sifry to send you a foam finger.

  9. CGHill »

    7 August 2007 · 7:05 am

    If I’ve learned anything over the years — and who says I have? — it’s that the surest way to get Technorati on something is to invoke the sacred name of Sifry in an actual post or two, Sifry being for all intents and purposes the new Kibo.

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