What really matters

To this character, apparently it’s the ability to buy junk:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: Will there be less sellers on ebay now due to all the flooding in north england?

No, really, he’s serious:

it just occurred to me, will there be less sellers to buy from now on ebay? … because of all the floods in north england? because no doubt there would of been a lot of sellers on ebay that are in the north of england? … so with their homes being flooded out and them losing all of their possessions … will we have less sellers on ebay to buy from now?

I’d say something to the effect that “it’s ‘fewer,’ not ‘less’ sellers,” but the presence of “would of” tells me that the trajectory of that statement would clear his scalp by several meters.


  1. Chuck »

    1 January 2016 · 12:28 pm

    We’ve had a bit of flooding here, and I hear that South Carolina got drenched, but north England? Isn’t that like Scotland or something?

  2. CGHill »

    1 January 2016 · 12:52 pm

    Neither a Scotsman nor an Englishman would tolerate that sort of insolence. :)

  3. ETat »

    1 January 2016 · 2:16 pm

    Grammar is the least what’s wrong with the exhibit.

  4. McGehee »

    1 January 2016 · 2:22 pm

    North England is what the English managed to steal and keep.

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