Optional at extra, extra cost

Is this the most expensive automotive option ever? (Betteridge says no.) Jared Gall reports for Car and Driver (February):

[T]he coolest (and most appalling) thing in the [Bentley] Bentayga interior is the optional Breitling clock set atop the dashboard. It’s available in either white or rose gold, with a face of black or white mother-of-pearl, and studded with eight diamonds. Cost? 150,000 euros, or about $160,000. Only a handful of craftspeople make the clocks, which take three months apiece. That exclusivity guarantees that Bentley will sell the four it can offer every year.

The Bentayga is Bentley’s first-ever sport-utility vehicle; they plan to make 5500 of them each year at a base price of $231,825. Not one of them will actually cost that little, of course.

And if you go searching for this little bauble, you’ll discover that Breitling is also making a watch and a desk clock for Bentley, neither included with your purchase of a new Bentayga.

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