Lamp unto thy feet

Yes, this Taiwanese structure is a church, and yes, it’s supposed to look like a giant high heel:

There is, of course, a perfectly good reason for this:

In a bid to attract female attendees, officials in Budai have finished work on a 55-foot tall glass pump-slash-church. It is ridiculous. It is amazing. It is very, very shiny.

Set to open before the Lunar New Year on February 8, the non-denominational church structure was created in just two months. Despite the fact that its design strikingly resembles that of Cinderella’s famous glass slippers, the shape and material actually come from a wedding tradition in which the bride steps on and shatters ceramic tiles before entering the groom’s family home. (Shattering things is a crosscultural wedding thing.)

And for God’s sake, I implore you, don’t go Googling “foot worship.” Not now, not ever.


  1. fillyjonk »

    14 January 2016 · 7:10 am

    I dunno but in the US some Christian groups are coming to the conclusion that trying to directly pander to the “unchurched” and make it obvious that they are doesn’t seem to work.

    I just….if I didn’t go to church and I saw a church doing things to “attract me as a woman,” I would be even less interested.

  2. McGehee »

    14 January 2016 · 9:17 am

    Obvious pandering drives away the people you’re pandering to? My whole concept of the Republican Party establishment has been shattered!

    I need to go lie down.

  3. Chuck »

    15 January 2016 · 9:10 am

    We really are going to hell and Taiwan is showing the way.

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