The sameness of the sky

The line between “mostly cloudy” and “partly sunny” is apparently even finer than I thought it was. From the National Weather Service’s local forecast today:

Forecast for 17-18-19 January 2015

Can you tell them apart? I certainly can’t.


  1. fillyjonk »

    17 January 2016 · 8:14 pm

    Maybe this is one of those “glass half full or glass half empty” things?

    That said, the nighttime “partly cloudy” looks less cloudy than the daytime “partly sunny.”

  2. CGHill »

    17 January 2016 · 8:36 pm

    And “sunny” seems pretty clear, so to speak. (In the summer, it gives way to the Eye of Sauron, which is less comforting.)

  3. McGehee »

    18 January 2016 · 9:17 am

    “Partly” being less than “mostly,” it would seem that “mostly cloudy” and “partly sunny” could be interchangeable — except at night, at which time “partly starry” has yet to make its debut AFAICT.

    I think adopting “partly sunny” was more of a tone shift than anything else:

    “We have sunny, then partly cloudy, then mostly cloudy, then cloudy. Don’t those choices seem kind of pessimistic to you?”

    “In the long run, we’re all cloudy.”

  4. Chuck »

    18 January 2016 · 11:06 am

    Look as different as night and day to me. ;-)

  5. CGHill »

    18 January 2016 · 4:01 pm

    Oh, and just incidentally, none of the sunshine predicted for MLK Day showed up, and the high was a feeble 32°F.

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