Nor can you spray it away

About 1974, Frank Zappa put out a minor masterwork called “Stink-Foot,” which is the only song I know that contains the word “bromhidrosis.” From the lyrics:

My python boot is too tight
I couldn’t get it off last night
A week went by
And now it’s July
I finally got it off
And my girlfriend cried
You got the Stink-Foot!

Cristina of Shoe-Tease has happened upon a treatment for your python boots or other shoes, from Calgary-based startup Ever Bamboo:

  • Sachets contain 100% natural bamboo charcoal & are rounded at the tip to easily place into shoes, even those hard to reach pointy pumps! They work really well in children’s shoes too :)
  • Easy to use: simply place inside of shoe. No need to wet or modify them
  • Unscented to absorb odours rather than mask them
  • Starts working just after a few hours in the shoes
  • Reactivates under sunlight every 1-2 months
  • Lasts up to 1 year
  • Renewable: when 1 year is up, empty the pouches into soil to regular moisture. How eco-friendly is that?!

If people fear being downwind from your shoe rack — but never mind, let’s not even contemplate that possibility.

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