New anchor at the Zombie Mall

Old trademarks must be going for peanuts these days:

Back in 2009, the medium-box consumer electronics chain Circuit City closed. Systemax, the owner of TigerDirect, acquired the brand’s website and customer list, and kept it going until 2012. Late last year, Systemax decided to shut down its technology business, and that included selling the twice-defunct Circuit City brand. Now yet another company has acquired the brand and wants to make a go of it as physical retail stores.

They are doing one thing differently this time:

Their launch plan, as described to TWICE, the publication that broke this story, will begin this summer with a website and one location in Dallas, and as many as 100 stores across the country in major yet affordable metropolitan areas over the next year.

I’m reading this as San Antonio, probably; San Francisco, probably not so much. And hey, at least they’re not subletting Radio Shack stores.


  1. fillyjonk »

    29 January 2016 · 7:09 pm

    I am now considering the various outlets in Zombie Mall: Circuit City, and Radio Shack, and also Coldwater Creek (semi-zombie; the physical stores are gone but it still exists in catalog form)…..I am sure there are others, I thought I saw somewhere a plan to resurrect the old Montgomery Ward name.

    Car dealership could be MG or any of the other little British nameplates that have been bought out by Chinese or Indian firms.

  2. CGHill »

    29 January 2016 · 7:41 pm is up and running:

    In 2008 the “Montgomery Ward” brand was acquired by a subsidiary of The Swiss Colony, Inc. (now known as Colony Brands, Inc.), a family-owned direct-mail business that strives to continue the heritage, traditions and values of the brand that were inspired by the founder, Aaron Montgomery Ward. Today, Montgomery Ward offers one-stop shopping for quality items at affordable prices — and quick, convenient delivery.

    Actually, the site went up several years earlier; but Colony Brands acquired it from the previous operator, who’d gone bust.

    MG was considering a US assembly plant, on this side of the Red River, but nothing came of it.

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