Strange search-engine queries (523)

What’s that you say? Football’s over? How did that happen?

Oh, never mind. Have some search strings.

“bladder” “equestria” -deviantart  Oh, buck, Fluttershy’s hitting the Lasix again.

tamara is a content developer at moon loop inc:  Which is a good thing, since discontent is common among developers.

fear of boobs:  It’s worse than you think. They usually travel in pairs.

non nude crossdressers tumblr:  Well, yeah. If they were nude, you’d never know they were crossdressers. (Okay, maybe the mascara gave him away.)

an administrative assistant of a large factory visits the medical unit and tells the nurse she is having pain in the right wrist, numbness in the index finger, and decreased mobility of the right hand. the nurse suspects the client has what?  A huge deductible.

durant ok radio stations:  They play both kinds of music: country and western.

damascus girls:  You can’t be Syrious.

death fetishist:  Doesn’t exactly lend itself to multiple orgasms, if you know what I mean.

“notify me of followup comments via e mail” i faint:  Yeah, I’m surprised when that works, too.

der kommissar’s in town:  I’ll be sure not to turn around.

casandra, who is attractive and likable, has just telephoned mike and asked him for a date. according to the two-factor theory of emotion, mike is likely to experience the most intense romantic feelings for casandra during their phone conversation if he has just:  Been dumped by Valerie.

texas asshole massacre:  Actually, I think they were repelling migrants from California.

how did rebecca black become famous:  Anything can happen on Friday.


  1. fillyjonk »

    8 February 2016 · 7:28 am

    I can verify your comment about the radio stations. Which is why I shell out for Sirius XM.

  2. McGehee »

    8 February 2016 · 9:15 am

    This post has been condemned by renowned boobophobic boob Piers Morgan.

  3. backwoods conservative »

    8 February 2016 · 9:16 am

    The guy committing the massacre isn’t an asshole. He’s just a death fetishist.

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