Drawing attention

I have no idea what to make of this:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: I think my boyfriend is going to leave me for an anime character?

Argument in favor of the premise:

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, recently he started getting interested in anime. It was all fine and stuff until he began getting obsessed with a character from Bleach named Orihime. I tried watching the show with him, but every time his “waifu” comes on screen he starts squealing and getting really excited and saying “LOOK, IT’S MY WAIFU” He always compares me to her, like the other night I asked him to do the dishes and he said “Orihime wouldn’t make me do the dishes.” And then proceeded to go back to watching Bleach. It’s gotten so bad that he won’t even cuddle me at night, he cuddles his body pillow with a picture of Orihime on it. And I think i’ve caught him masturbating to naked drawings of Orihime. I don’t understand what she has that I don’t, maybe it’s because she has bigger breasts than me. I don’t know what to do, anime is ruining our relationship. I just want my boyfriend back, please help.

First thought: Can you cook? Because Orihime surely can’t:

Her cooking style can be described as very bad, disgusting, or, more often strange to the point that aside from Rangiku Matsumoto, no one would think it delectable, and is one of the running jokes in the series.

But there may be no cure. And as Tara Strong, speaking voice of Twilight Sparkle, for whom I’d dump you in a Manehattan minute, has said: “It’s ok to be in love with an animated drawing as long as you understand they cannot put out.”


  1. fillyjonk »

    2 March 2016 · 11:11 am

    Thing is, no flesh and blood woman – who sometimes gets angry, sometimes cries, sometimes needs time to herself, has her own needs, has an imperfect body – can compete in the mind of some of those guys with a cartoon or with the swimsuit model on SI.

    Real women are difficult. (God knows I am).

    The downside of that kind of fantasy relationship is that it’s, well, a fantasy, and hopefully eventually guys figure out that occasionally listening to a woman rant about her boss’ foolishness or occasionally running out to buy feminine hygiene products for her when she runs out is the return for having someone to rant to about YOUR stupid boss, or have someone to make you soup when you’re sick, or who will be there for you when a beloved relative dies…. Or even just having someone to sit with you while you watch football, or maybe play cards with on a day you’re snowed in.

  2. Bill Peschel »

    2 March 2016 · 11:33 am

    Considering he’s already calling her his “waifu” (I had to check Urban Dictionary to figure that out, silly me), I’d say she’s better off looking for a new boyfriend.

  3. CGHill »

    2 March 2016 · 11:44 am

    Probably the most likely ending to this: guys stuck on fantasy figures seldom get unstuck.

  4. fillyjonk »

    2 March 2016 · 11:50 am

    Same thing happens to women but usually they project their fantasy onto a real man who turns out to be awful for them. Or at least I have observed that in some of my friends.

  5. McGehee »

    2 March 2016 · 6:24 pm

    He’s trolling. He says those things to the real-world (soon-to-be-ex-if-she-knows-what’s-good-for-her) girlfriend because he knows it pisses her off. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a backstory involving some anime show she likes.

    Either that, or the person posting the complaint is trolling.

    Because I refuse to believe anyone with an unmutated Y chromosome would behave like that, even in pajamas while drinking cocoa on Christmas morning.

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