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Katies Crotch Road Embden MaineIn almost any place large enough to have local history, which is almost any place, there are things that nobody seems to know, and one of them is why this road is called what it is:

A Maine town that spends hundreds of dollars annually to replace stolen street signs is again asking residents to consider renaming one of the frequent targets: Katie Crotch Road.

The Morning Sentinel reports a referendum to rename Katie Crotch Road to Cadie Road is being considered in Embden in Somerset County.

Residents are sorting out the matter with a vote Friday and a town meeting Saturday.

At the very least, they should decide whether it’s Katie, as it says in the article, or Katies, as it says on the sign, and if the latter, whether there should be an apostrophe. No one seems to know for sure. And a similar measure in 2012 was not approved by voters, to the apparent dismay of local government:

Board of Selectman Chairman Charles Taylor says the thefts occur so frequently that “you would think every dorm room in the state of Maine should have one by now.”

Don’t encourage them, Mr Taylor, sir.


  1. canadienne »

    6 March 2016 · 10:32 pm

    Even worse than Ragged Ass Road in Yellowknife, a road sign that also gets stolen a lot.

  2. fillyjonk »

    7 March 2016 · 5:27 am

    Get an electric-fence set up, electrify the sign. That might cut down on theft.

    I know of someone whose teenaged kid was killed in a car accident because a driver unfamiliar with the area “ran” a stop street, after its stop sign had been stolen by some goon who thought it would look good in their garage or apartment.

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