Na, not really

The medical profession has long put the “odium” in “sodium.” I seldom add salt to anything, but I have a tendency to read while I eat, which detracts from the actual eating experience. So I’m probably not a candidate for this swell gadget, but I can think of lots of people who will be:

Japanese scientists are working on a solution in the form of a fork which is able to generate a salty taste by stimulating the tongue with electricity. The fork is being developed in Tokyo University’s Rekimoto Lab and is intended to allow those who must eat salt-free diets for their health to at least be able to enjoy the taste. It was trialled earlier in March as part of a project called “No Salt Restaurant” where a venue was offering a completely salt-free five course meal and proved to be a success.

The fork’s handle contains a rechargeable battery and electric circuit and when the user puts the fork into their mouth they simply have to press a button on the handle which applies a small electric charge to their tongue.

I suggest you not try it out on pizza.


  1. fillyjonk »

    1 April 2016 · 8:34 pm

    There’s a “don’t whiz on the electric fence” joke in there, somewhere.

    I dunno. After several years of making do with smoked paprika, chipotle, and vinegar, I think I’d rather keep making do rather than shock my tongue into thinking I tasted something salty.

  2. fillyjonk »

    1 April 2016 · 9:23 pm

    And also, are we sure this isn’t a story for today that happened to drop a day early?

    (I’m slow on the uptake about these kinds of things, sometimes.)

  3. CGHill »

    1 April 2016 · 9:37 pm

    Well, Gadgette picked it up from Nikkei in Japan, which is generally not given to Funny Business. And they ran it on Monday.

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