In the allegedly Natural State

There are no naturist facilities in Arkansas, and under current law, there never can be:

Under Arkansas criminal statute §5-68-204, the state’s 59-year-old anti-nudism law, it is illegal for any “person, club, camp, corporation, partnership, association or organization to advocate, demonstrate, or promote nudism.”

If this tale is to be believed, that measure was passed out of pure spite:

On January 26, 1957, a man was arrested for being nude with friends ON HIS OWN PROPERTY. Not only was the property privately owned, it was in a remote area and fenced in. This shows he was going out of his way to ensure privacy for himself and his guests, and to ensure others would not be offended. Nonetheless, the Attorney General claimed the incident constituted “indecent exposure”. Fortunately, the man could not be charged because the indecent exposure law did not apply to an enclosed area on private property.

However, as a result of this incident, Arkansas legislators (unable to tolerate choices they did not agree with) decided it was better to criminalize First Amendment rights than to tolerate a form of recreation they did not understand.

Violations of this law are considered a Class A misdemeanor and are punishable by a $2,500 fine and up to a year in jail. And wearing an orange jumpsuit, perhaps.

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