Like a thousand times before

The thing about so-called “guilty pleasures” is that you’re supposed to be vaguely, or perhaps not so vaguely, apologetic about them: “Please forgive this lapse in judgment, for I am only human.”

I make no apologies for “It’s One of Those Nights,” a latter-day Partridge Family single that managed to creep into the very bottom of the Top 20 for two weeks in early 1972. Written by the always-quirky Tony Romeo, who penned their bazillion-seller “I Think I Love You,” this song, despite its teenybopper trappings, is as deep as any Jimmy Webb epic, possibly even way too grown-up for the image David Cassidy was projecting those days. (Still, Cassidy surely knew, which may be why he recut it for a solo album thirty years later.)

Weirdly, I never saw this particular clip on the actual Partridge Family TV show. Then again, I was always closer to radio than to television.

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