Going Dutch for the moment

After all, it isn’t every day I get to say something about Fockeline Ouwerkerk. I’m not even sure I can pronounce “Fockeline Ouwerkerk,” which is the name of a Dutch actress, born in the summer of 1981 in Westmaas, Zuid-Holland.

Fockeline Ouwerkerk takes a seat

I know her from the 2015 series Gouden Bergen (“Gold Mountain”), subtitled The Rich Are Not Easy. Well, maybe some of them aren’t:

Fockeline Ouwerkerk flashes a peek

And, well, there’s this inexplicable clip from the variety show Carlo’s TV Café for which translation, I suspect, is probably beside the point:

Let me try it again: “Fockeline Ouwerkerk.”


  1. canadienne »

    2 April 2016 · 5:58 pm

    If you are not Dutch and try to pronounce Dutch words, you will ALWAYS get it wrong and Dutch people will laugh at you. No matter how much you practice. I think it is in their constitution.

  2. CGHill »

    2 April 2016 · 6:02 pm

    All the more reason not to make any more of a fool of myself than necessary. :)

  3. canadienne »

    2 April 2016 · 6:22 pm

    Actually the Dutch seem to be pretty easy going and are more likely to laugh if you have a couple beers and then try to imitate all those throat-clearing sounds, rather than just calling the famous painter “Van Go” like a typical English speaker.

  4. canadienne »

    2 April 2016 · 6:23 pm

    Also there are a lot of very tall and rather pretty Dutch girls.

  5. CGHill »

    2 April 2016 · 6:38 pm

    I think the one thing that most impresses me about the Dutch, even more than very tall and rather pretty girls, is the mindset that enables them to look at marshes and fenland and think “We can build here, and screw the rising water.” Closest thing we have to that in the States is probably New Orleans.

  6. ETat »

    2 April 2016 · 11:09 pm

    …yeah, only the Dutch have been successful with their dams for 10 centuries – and look what a mess our Army of Engineers and various Democratic mayors made of New Orleans

  7. canadienne »

    3 April 2016 · 3:16 pm

    I was going to point out that New Orleans did have some issues a while ago.

    I wonder if the Dutch are thinking about global warming and the possibility of sea levels rising, given that most of Amsterdam is below sea level. Will have to check that out, but I suspect they are on it.

  8. CGHill »

    3 April 2016 · 3:30 pm

    They’ve been dealing with sea level for a long time; I’m pretty sure they’ve given some thought to the matter.

    In New Orleans, the major issue might have been the Corps of Engineers’ attempt at cost control on the construction of the flood wall.


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