Death of a newspaper

And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust:

The Tampa Bay Times announced on Tuesday that it had purchased the Tampa Tribune and its related publications. The Tribune will no longer be printed.

Tribune subscribers will receive the Times starting Wednesday. The resulting paper will have the fifth-largest Sunday circulation of all newspapers in the country, according to Poynter, which owns the Times.

The Tampa Bay Times CEO and chairman, Paul Tash, held a press conference Tuesday afternoon. Tash said the competition between the two papers was putting both “in peril.”

“It’s been a rough stretch for newspapers during the last 10 years,” Tash said. “There are very few cities that are able to sustain more than one daily newspaper, and the Tampa Bay region is not among them.”

Up until 2012, the Times was technically the St. Petersburg Times; the owners of the Tribune had once owned, and killed, a paper called the Tampa Times, and Poynter had actually sued them for the right to use both Tampa and Times in the same name. This tells me that vengeance may have been a motive for some time.

There was, for about twenty years, a St. Petersburg Times in Russia; it has since been folded into the Moscow Times.

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