Bendier than thou

Nina Burri took her first dance lessons in her native Switzerland at the age of six, and, as the phrase goes, she learned her lessons well. Growing into model-level looks didn’t at all hurt:

Nina Burri not exactly driving in 2006

That was 2006, when she was twenty-nine. The next year she began studying at a Chinese school of acrobatics, and came out able to do this:

Nina Burri sort of stretches out

Let’s combine these two skills, shall we?

Well, I’m certainly impressed.


  1. okie1701 »

    22 May 2016 · 1:38 am

    Ummmm….huh. I mean….

    Cool car? Yeah. That’s it.

  2. ETat »

    22 May 2016 · 7:10 am

    I could never look at those freaky acrobats. It’s the same as unwholesome Chinese obsession with binding little girls tiny toes to make their feet crippled to please men’s aesthetic ideal of the time. Argh, disgusting.

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