Un, deux, cinq

Garage rock is mind-boggling in itself. Now imagine Canadian garage rock.

Okay, maybe the Guess Who when Chad Allan was out front. They were from Manitoba, which is like Iowa with a shorter growing season. It took a little longer for me to turn up a garage band from Montreal:

“1-2-5” was the only Haunted single to be released down here in the States, on the always-quirky Amy label. I missed it when it came out in 1966.

The last Haunted single, in 1968, comprised two French-language covers: “Vapeur Mauve” b/w “Pourquoi”. You know both these songs in English already.


  1. Lorna »

    1 June 2016 · 7:55 pm

    Loving this song! I just listened to it all and it’s very 60’s/70’s for me, but it also has hints of 90’s too which is strange since that’s not its era!

  2. CGHill »

    1 June 2016 · 8:12 pm

    They were just a little ahead of their time, perhaps?

  3. LCB »

    2 June 2016 · 12:00 pm

    Rush started as a garage band from Canada. Their first hit, Working Man, is as garagey as it comes…

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