The path of yeast resistance

Brian J. polishes off about one-half of one percent of a jar of Vegemite:

I mean, I grew up in poverty, but my family was not poor enough to serve this.

I’m blessed to have grown up in a bountiful land where one can go pick food from outdoors instead of a desert surrounded by twenty-foot-long crocodiles.

The wikihistory of Vegemite is that an entrepreneur wanted to make a food out of industrial by-products. And he did it.

God help me, I saw in the Wiki entry that they use it as a pastry filling. I suspect that the Australians do this to keep other people away from their doughnuts.

You know why Australian rules football is so vicious? The winners get a Vegemite sandwich. The losers get a year’s supply of Vegemite and a sixty-DVD Paul Hogan complete film set.

This is not unlike Steve Harvey’s reaction:

“Sounds like a pesticide. That about damn near what it tastes like.”


  1. McG »

    3 June 2016 · 9:45 am

    Considering that Vegemite was developed in response to declining imports of Marmite (also a yeast extract-based food product) to Australia — and that (according to Wikipedia) Marmite has become a popular British metaphor for “acquired taste,” these snap judgments ought to surprise no one.

  2. zigzag »

    5 June 2016 · 4:25 am

    Bovril, instead, of course.

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