Strange search-engine queries (540)

Until the dog days of summer get here, it’s cool for cats to peer into their logs and see what kind of stuff those mysterious tall bipeds have been looking for. Sometimes it’s even amusing.

garden state cable tv wpix-tv 11 new york schedule for june 1973:  Oh, did you get one of those new time-traveling DVRs?

in recent years, political commentators have lamented that the cultural and political divide between the so-called “red states” and their blue counterparts has become a chasm. technological advances such as the information superhighway and, more recently, social media have only exacerbated this trend:  Although the main contributor to this phenomenon is the desperate attempt by political commentators to get paid for something.

waiting for universal lawn care:  And we’ll end up with a two-tier structure, the insured paying a $50 copay, the uninsured being soaked for whatever the market will bear.  We told you you ought to install Windows 10.

suppose that at an official ticket price of $480:  You can watch forty-five seconds of Super Bowl LI.

a woman, alone in a house, ignores the creaking sounds she hears and experiences no stress. another woman might hear the same sounds, suspect an intruder, and thus become alarmed. these different reactions illustrate the importance of:  Xanax.

foreskin puns:  Protip: don’t tell foreskin puns.

angelica is an unpaid homemaker who works as a volunteer at the local red cross and is currently not looking for a paid job. the bureau of labor statistics counts angelica as:  Whatever it takes to make the numbers look good that month.

web toys for your procrastination pleasure:  Most of which you’ve already bookmarked, am I right?

brian is very creative. if he goes a week without seeing another person, he doesn’t even notice. he likes to garden and is currently redesigning the entire landscape around his property. according to holland’s theory, what type of person is brian?  A real asshole, inasmuch as he put the side fence two yards over Holland’s property line.

by the _____, 35,000 people had been lobotomized in the united states:  “O’Reilly Factor.”

russell westbrook crossdresser:  You get Russ on camera, he’ll be cross, dressed or not.

gypsy chickens:  They cross the road, and they owe you no explanation why.


  1. nightfly »

    6 June 2016 · 3:46 pm

    How did you ever have a result for your blog turn up for that first search term? I mean, they’re all fairly oddball, but such a geography-and-time-specific inquiry should seriously lower the odds of somebody finding a link for it here.

    Or maybe it means you’ve talked about some really crazy and offbeat things during 20 years.

  2. CGHill »

    6 June 2016 · 5:38 pm

    I certainly didn’t have anything specific for it; the guy Binged for it twice, and got two monthly archive pages, one for June ’03, the other for September ’04. (IP address resolves to Honolulu, though geolocation can be deceptive.)

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