Some sort of thingamajig

Regular visitor Georganna Hancock has one of these contraptions, and she’s not quite sure what it is:

It might be a tire gauge, or it might not

She explains:

The well-made, apparently stainless steel object has an opening at one end, pocket clip at the other, and a sliding gizzie with two fixed settings. I’m guessing it’s a fancy tire pressure gauge, though the setting part confuses me. I haven’t tried it out.

What frustrates me is that I remember actually encountering a similar device, and I thought it was a tire gauge, and I was assured that it was not. What it was, though, I can’t recall to save my unworthy soul.


  1. McG »

    7 June 2016 · 8:52 am

    This thing is faintly ringing a distant bell but for the life of me I can’t home in on it.

    Need more pictures from a variety of angles (I know she’s only posted this one), including close-ups of both ends — maybe that might jog my memory.

  2. CGHill »

    7 June 2016 · 1:13 pm

    I keep coming back to “stylus” — but why would a simple stylus need all this (low-level) glitz?

  3. Georganna Hancock (@GLHancock) »

    7 June 2016 · 6:52 pm

    Read through the comments and replies in the original post on my June 4, 2016, Facebook page for a more complete description. It’s too big to be a stylus and maybe a little larger than a tire pressure gauge. The threads inside the open end keep me wondering – what on earth could it screw on to? And what does the spring-loaded two-settings slider thingie do?

  4. McG »

    8 June 2016 · 8:13 am

    Without a Facebook account, all I get to see anymore is a huge “LOG IN OR SIGN UP” banner blocking the content.

  5. Dink Newcomb »

    8 June 2016 · 8:51 am

    Is that perhaps, a tire tread depth gauge?

  6. nightfly »

    8 June 2016 · 1:46 pm

    Have you seen any unexplained giant blue booths in the area?

  7. CGHill »

    8 June 2016 · 2:37 pm

    I can barely explain Pep Boys.

  8. Chuck Pergiel »

    8 June 2016 · 4:52 pm

    I know! I know! It’s a tadpole sexer!

  9. red 3215 »

    8 June 2016 · 9:38 pm

    Guys, that might be a pen gun. The open threaded end holds a small cartridge that
    the spring loaded mechanism fires. Be very careful about letting a LEO see you
    with that. I’m not kidding. They are usually illegal outside the home.
    Some versions were sold with a tear gas cartridge that screwed in on the end. Still
    a shaky idea to be carrying.
    Of course, I might be wrong. I was once back in the 80’s.

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