Strange search-engine queries (542)

I have roamed the lands of Google,
I have scanned the hills of Bing,
Only to find these things,
Only to find these strings.
But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

why did governor jim hodges support the establishment of a state lottery:  He figured if the state ran into budget difficulties, they could try to win the jackpot to take up the slack.

faruq spends all of his income on tacos and milkshakes. his income is $100, the price of tacos is $10, and the price of milkshakes is $2. if faruq purchases 10 milkshakes, he can purchase:  Never mind that. Who’s paying ten bucks for tacos?

run up an alley and holler fish:  Or tacos, since they’re only ten bucks.

russell westbrook crossdresser:  You gonna tell him he can’t? Because I’m not.

has morgan fairchild been nude:  I reveal no secrets about the woman I married.

mammalian protuberances:  I reveal no secrets about the woman I married.

400 lb woman manatee snopes:  I reveal no secrets about the woman you married.

upskirt diaper tumblr:  Um, keep your prurient interests to yourself, okay, pal?

evisceration plague tab:  Gosh, can I get that for my browser?

cynthia tells darryl that she will deliver his boxes of paradise cookies as he directs. a declaration that one will do something in the future is part of the definition of:  Foolhardiness, in this day and age.

how much is a rolls royce ghost:  To coin a phrase, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

foreskin circumcision:  Well, yeah, that’s where it’s done.

used kia chesterton:  Got rid of it because the distributist kept going out.

this evening on britain’s got talent we get to witness this lovely lady sing with her anus and she finishes her skit beautifully by inserting the mic deep in her singing hole:  Another showbiz asshole, I suppose.

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