Don’t leave Rome without her

Meet Virginia Raggi, newly elected Mayor of Rome:

Virginia Raggi

Judging from this interview, conducted three days before the election, she does stage presence well:

Movimento 5 Stelle, Raggi’s political party, which says it doesn’t particularly want to be called a “party” as such, is generally considered to be populist, anti-establishment, environmentalist, anti-globalist and Eurosceptic. Who would start a non-party like that? Beppe Grillo, comedian, activist, and, um, blogger.

Raggi will turn 38 next month. As a proper Italian woman, she’s working some pretty high heels:

Virginia Raggi in d'Orsay pumps

I note purely in passing that her campaign site was apparently set up to take donations from abroad.


  1. jsallison »

    24 June 2016 · 7:36 pm

    Took notes from Obama, I see.

  2. CGHill »

    24 June 2016 · 8:01 pm

    I suspect this practice long antedates the present POTUS.

  3. ETat »

    25 June 2016 · 7:33 am

    her feet are huge! 2 times her head size

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    27 June 2016 · 9:33 pm

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