Left-lane bandit alert

Hoosiers get, well, semi-tough:

The state of Indiana is cracking down on motorists driving too slowly in the left lane.

In the first year of the State’s highway slowpokes law, state police issued 109 tickets and at least 1,535 warnings to drivers that didn’t move from the left lane when they should reasonably know another vehicle is trying to overtake them. The law went into effect last July.

Hey, it’s a start.


  1. Georganna Hancock (@GLHancock) »

    7 July 2016 · 5:13 pm

    This wasn’t illegal until July 2015??? And that damned Mr. X kept berating me for driving AT the speed limit in the left lane in Indiana and several other states – starting around 1965!

    I notice there is no definition of “too slowly” or of being “slowpokes”.

    California is much more reasonable, the only driving principle being, “let there be no empty space between your car and the one ahead.”

  2. McG »

    7 July 2016 · 6:15 pm

    If I’m in the left lane, I should never be doing “the speed limit.” I should be passing and getting back in the right lane as soon as feasible. And my rule for drivers who want to take stupid chances is, “Go, as far from me as you possibly can. Just don’t block all lanes with your accident.”

    Today a Dodge Challenger passed me (safely and with my blessing) on a two-lane when I was doing the posted limit. Within a mile a trooper U-turned and pulled him over.


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