It’s the V

I have stuck by Shell V-Power despite its lofty price: of late, it’s been 50, even 60 cents higher than regular.

Apparently it could be worse:

Shell V-power is always about a dollar more than 87 here in Ohio. Growing up it was always a $.10 difference between the octanes. Are we paying for the extra additives or marketing?

The Magic 8-Ball says we are.

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  1. LCB »

    11 July 2016 · 7:36 am

    back in the day I used to have a 1978 Trans Am with a 400 6.6. Loved that car…

    Shell premium was the ONLY gas that I could run in it. Everything else caused the motor to “chug chug” when I turned it off. I think its called “dieseling”…

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