Meanwhile on Channel 1

The FCC officially shut down TV channel 1 in 1948, but somehow a Channel 1 exists today: KAXT-CD in San Jose, California. How this works:

The DTV virtual channels between KAXT-LD’s Channel 22 (physical: 42, formerly 22) and KRCB’s Channel 22 (physical: 23) Cotati, had significant overlap that caused a PSIP conflict, allowing KAXT-CD to move to a new virtual channel, Channel 1. KAXT operates with a PSIP of Channel 1, with 12 different video program streams and one audio-only channels for a total of 13 virtual channels.

These are, yes, virtual channels: the actual KAXT signal is on channel 42, but to tune it in over the air, you’d set your TV to channel 1.

Or that’s what it says, anyway. I can’t seem to pick up their stream.

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