Strange search-engine queries (548)

If you’ve seen this before, well, you’re seeing it again. If you haven’t seen this before, well, this is a collection of search strings that in recent days produced actual search results from this site. What we don’t explain, of course, is why.

bill clinton penis size 5.5:  Um, more than a mouthful is wasted. Or something like that.

overlord of flies:  With my luck, it’s probably a mosquito carrying some disease.

moosejaw bus tours in nebraska:  Isn’t Moose Jaw in, like, Saskatchewan?

“expect more payless” “upskirt”:  And I thought I was bored.

a songwriter gets paid monthly at a rate of $150 for each song he completes. last month, he wrote 8 songs and got halfway through a 9th song. how much money was he paid last month?  $1200 for the songs he finished, plus 42 cents for streaming on Spotify.

superior potassium:  This K is definitely OK.

400 lb woman manatee snopes:  Oh, the huge manatee!

cynthia tells darryl that she will deliver his boxes of paradise cookies as he directs. a declaration that one will do something in the future is part of the definition of:  Political promises. Darryl’s cookies are going nowhere.

suppose that at an official ticket price of $480:  You can see 40 seconds of the Super Bowl, but not during actual play.

“cheezit” “joint venture”:  I just wonder where the division of labor occurs.

taylor has had two experiences with two christian-based institutions: the oral roberts university infomercial and jesus is lord used tires. these two institutions are different because:  The tire shop charged something close to market price.

what happens when you bite your tongue:  The rest of us are grateful.

mr. craven lacks imagination and is a complete conformist. with respect to the big five personality traits, mr. craven probably would score low on which of the following?  The hell with that. How do we get him on the Supreme Court?

a horrible experience of unbearable length:  But enough about the 2016 election.

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