Bar none, or few anyway

Picture, if you will, a deep-fried Mars bar:

Which again, I wouldn’t want to eat because fried and my gut would pay the price and I don’t think it’s worth it to me, but the author made an interesting comment: that deep fried Mars bars are seen as the ultimate in low-class food by many, but, he said, put a well-prepared one on a fancy plate with a fancy name (and fancy price) and people would rave about how the flaky crust and the melting chocolate and caramel and fondant (I think a British Mars bar is what we call a Milky Way?) and how it was a gourmet treat.

I’d hate to have to explain the American Mars bar to a space invader:

The worldwide Mars bar differs from that sold in the US. The American version was discontinued in 2002 and was replaced with the slightly different Snickers Almond featuring nougat, almonds, and a milk chocolate coating. Unlike the American Mars bar, however, Snickers Almond also contains caramel. The US version of the Mars bar was relaunched in January 2010 and is initially being sold on an exclusive basis through Walmart stores. The European version of the Mars bar is also sold in some United States grocery stores. It was once again discontinued at the end of 2011.

The British and Canadian Mars bars are very similar to the United States Milky Way bar, which Mars, Inc. produced (not to be confused with the European version of Milky Way, which is similar to the United States’ 3 Musketeers).

The only Mars bar I truly understand, I think, is sold in the States as “Milky Way Midnight Dark,” which when I was a kid was called “Forever Yours.”

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  1. McG »

    4 August 2016 · 6:45 am

    The Midnight version is one of my favorites, such that I hadn’t bought a regular one in a long, long time.

    I’ve recently found the Midnight available in King Size, not reliably anywhere that I’ve been able to determine but even the rabble-size isn’t exactly a sure thing.

    Strangely, I’ve found that Milky Way bars of either flavor taste different in the King Size packaging than otherwise and I’m curious why.

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