Wallet simplification

I used to have about twenty credit cards, which was way too many; most people seem to get by with about three. Still, if you know what you’re doing, you can pare it down even further:

I have started using a credit card for most purchases these days. I try to carry as few cards as possible, which means just one credit card, which happens to be my Costco card. Costco changed from American Express to VISA this year, which is what triggered the change in my buying habits. American Express is great if you are spending thousands of dollars on hotels, airline tickets and car rentals. Not so good for buying cheeseburgers (mmmm, cheeseburgers). So when I was carrying an American Express card, I was using cash for all the small stuff, and that worked pretty well. I’d go to the bank once a month and get a wad of cash and disperse it into the community five or ten dollars at a time. The big benefit was not having to keep track of all these chickenshit transactions. I bought, I paid for it, the money is gone, we’re done.

This is approximately what I did in the middle 1980s, when all I carried was Amex. (I have, um, three cards today.)


  1. jsallison »

    7 August 2016 · 4:05 pm

    I’m still waiting for the first panhandler in downtown OKC to whip out his iphone with that Square thingy attached and say ‘no problemo, I take plastic.’

  2. Roger O Green »

    10 August 2016 · 10:35 am

    I have 8. I use 2, my DISCOVER (for the cashback) and my VISA (when I find a place that doesn’t take DISCOVER)

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