A pause to remember

It was a single paragraph in the midst of several others:

Thomas Copenhaver is selling his two stations in Marion VA to CDM Broadcasting. Classic Rock 102.5 WOLD-FM and CHR “Z103.5” WZVA go from TEC2 Broadcasting and TECO Broadcasting respectively to CDM for $651,039. CDM began operating the two stations via Time Brokerage Agreement on August 1.

Wait a minute. WOLD?

Yep. Actually, that call predates the late Harry Chapin’s song by six years; they were a country station at the time and didn’t play it.

From a 1987 tribute to Harry, featuring brothers Tom and Steve, here’s Richie Havens with this song of the DJ who is no longer young:

I was suspecting, though, that like Harry and Richie, WOLD might be dead: their livestream produced nothing, and their Web site had been taken over. Nothing at WZVA either. I left a query at the WOLD Facebook page; they say they’re still around and that the new owners are implementing new Web stuff.


  1. jsallison »

    22 August 2016 · 7:20 pm

    My dad sold radio ads in the Shenandoah Valley for over 20 years starting about then. Told me when this song came out that according to the DJ’s at the station that Chapin nailed it. He also told me that WKRP nailed radio salesman with Herb Tarlick. Still wondering where they hid the hot receptionists, though. Although Dr Johnny Fever, aka Stormin Norman Sprouse, the overnight FM guy at WCCV was last seen doing weather on WVIR channel 29 iirc.


    22 August 2016 · 7:40 pm

    I thank you for posting this which I thoroughly enjoyed. Richie Havens has to be one of the least appreciated musician/singers in the US, especially from an age where the MOST CELEBRATED were those who cranked up the volume on the feedback they called music to levels which hid MOST of their flaws.
    I remember being in Subic Bay (Philippines) courtesy of the US Navy in the late ’60s and hearing a band which had a little more than merely functional command of English and no skill at reading music but rocked out. I was impressed with them and SEVERAL of them told me that. This 4-5 young guys listened to the record over and over until they could mimic the music and singing. Sometimes, due to variations in volume, you could hear the garbled non-words they were shouting! Normally though, their ersatz version was remarkably good and except for the poor production results from a group of poverty stricken third world teenagers playing hard rock with distinctly non-state of the art gear in a rough sailor bar in Babylon, after a beer or two you would not have noticed a difference.
    Actually, (blushing with embarrassment) the way I got hooked up personally with the band was because I was attacked by an utter stranger during a performance of “In A Gadda Da Vida” and after tussling with the villain a few seconds, I picked him up and threw him right onto the stage. I was an Aviation Ordnanceman who humped bombs around and assembled them for a living on an Aircraft Carrier when not in port– I possessed great upper body amd hand strength from that but I now have trouble opening a new jar of jelly. The band all came over to my table on their next break and thanked me for breaking the monotony in such a sensational way. They were great guys who stayed friendly with me for rest of that cruise.

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