Do CDs have hanging chads?

I’m beginning to wonder:

Hard rock enigma Slipknot have once again made history. The band’s fourth album, All Hope Is Gone, has claimed the coveted #1 debut slot on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, after an extraordinary SoundScan recount. The album was initially announced today as a #2 debut, a mere 13 units behind The Game’s #1 debut, marking the closest margin in SoundScan history. The chart positions resulted from a reported 238,272 copies of All Hope Is Gone its first week in stores, while The Game’s LAX reported 238,285. With such an unprecedented margin, Roadrunner Records and WEA requested a historic recount. SoundScan obliged and chart positions have been reversed, with Slipknot claiming #1 and a new margin of 1134 albums. Final recount numbers are 239,516 for All Hope Is Gone and 238,382 for LAX sold during first week of release. This marks a landmark achievement for Slipknot and Roadrunner.

I suppose this is an improvement over the Bad Old Days, when chart positioning was based on sales, airplay, promotional cash and the phases of the moon, but I’m finding it difficult to be impressed by 240,000 sales; Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon moves that many copies every six months, and it’s thirty-five years old fercrissake.

(Via Fark. Disclosure: There are a couple of Slipknot tracks I can actually stand.)

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  1. Charles Pergiel »

    5 September 2008 · 12:34 am

    Who buys CD’s? People with extra cash. I suspect there are more old people are buying old CD’s than there are young people with money.

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