Rattle and hum and more rattle

About two minutes after seven, I heard it: like thunder, but without all that aerial ballet.

And then I felt what must have been a groundwave, north to south, causing all sorts of unexpected jiggliness in my week-old bed and then moving on.

It came out like this:

I note that 5.6 is what we had on a November evening in 2011.

Pawnee, about an hour and a half west of Tulsa, got the worst of it:

But there were reports of falling bricks as far away as Oklahoma City.

Update, 7 September: USGS now says it’s a 5.8.


  1. ETat »

    3 September 2016 · 5:59 pm

    Puts another perspective into “grounded”

  2. fillyjonk »

    3 September 2016 · 6:26 pm

    I was up but must have been too far (or on the wrong kind of substrate) to notice it. (Also, post and beam houses for the win – the couple small ones we’ve had have done nothing, friends in slab houses had stuff fall off the walls)

  3. CGHill »

    3 September 2016 · 6:55 pm

    One of these years we’re going to get something like a 6.6 on the New Madrid and there will be piles of rubble for miles and miles.

  4. fillyjonk »

    3 September 2016 · 7:55 pm

    Yeah, I think of the New Madrid fault every time I am on a train going over the Eads bridge in St. Louis….

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