One minute to autodestruct

Is this cool, or what?

The possibilities aren’t exactly endless, but they are impressive:

Phonetic recording allows producers of future Star Trek media to re-assemble individual syllables said by Barrett so the late actress can “say” entirely new things. Hopefully we’ll hear her in Star Trek: Discovery‘s LCARS System.

It would also be great if we could hear Barrett on our smartphone, much like Apple’s Siri voice. Custom smartphone voices are hard to get right now, but one day we might be able to download custom voices from the Apple Store. And it looks like [the] Roddenberry estate is trying to make one of those custom voices that of a Star Trek ship computer.

Um … WANT.


  1. Jay »

    8 September 2016 · 11:27 am

    Douglas Rain. For both the voice and the response to my request to open the garage door.

  2. In The Mailbox: 09.08.16 : The Other McCain »

    8 September 2016 · 8:09 pm

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  3. jsallison »

    8 September 2016 · 8:11 pm

    I could go with a Majel in my Tomtom.

  4. McG »

    9 September 2016 · 7:16 am

    Was it still Majel when the computer had the flirty/pouty voice in I forget which episode? That would be the one I want — but not when my wife’s listening.

  5. nightfly »

    12 September 2016 · 1:43 pm

    It was her. “Computing!”

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