Among the greatest hits of all time

This might be an odd way to characterize “Friday,” the song that made Rebecca Black famous, considering it peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #58 and has sold somewhere around half a million downloads but zero physical copies.

Then again, you probably remember these tracks, and they, too, never got above #58:

And despite having had the view counter reset once already (at about 166 million), “Friday” is closing in on a hundred million YouTube views:

Four days later:

This works out to about 2800 a day, and none of those days were a Friday. And if there are seven thumbs down for every two thumbs up, well, she gets paid just the same either way. I’m happy to attempt to pad out the count:

After which, I will of course look forward to the weekend.


  1. Mike aka Proof »

    23 September 2016 · 4:56 pm

    Greatest hits? I would have included JFK and Abe Lincoln. Maybe Julius Caesar?

  2. Roger Green »

    23 September 2016 · 9:07 pm

    You may know this, but the best way to replicate the vocalist of Mexican Radio is to pinch your nostrils at the top. Or use a clothespin.

  3. CGHill »

    23 September 2016 · 10:13 pm

    As Johnny Carson would say, “I did not know that.”

  4. CGHill »

    24 September 2016 · 2:28 pm

    “Friday” has now passed 99,990,000 on its second run.

  5. CGHill »

    24 September 2016 · 7:32 pm

    And five hours later, a hundred million.

  6. nightfly »

    27 September 2016 · 4:28 pm

    I *love* “Mexican Radio.” A staple of the 80s. Actually rather surprised that it didn’t sell better.

  7. CGHill »

    27 September 2016 · 5:20 pm

    It charted higher in Canada and Australia. And I was surprised, going through my chart database, to see it in that position.

    Then again, Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” in a truncated 3:25 edit, died at #59 in 1973; Columbia slapped the full cut on a 45 in 1976 and saw it hit #6.

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