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Inasmuch as this election boils down to Your Lizard versus Their Lizard, Roberta X is here to address your reptilian brain:

[I]f you genuinely believe It’s All Over if the wrong lizard wins this go-round, why are you even on the computer instead of your rooftop — or an airplane bound for Elsewhere? Seriously, it’s been over; the knee of the curve from “republic” to “empire” was, in my opinion, around 1913. Empires generally last a long time; it’s a smooth, gradual slide and crossing the Rubicon is really barely a bobble. Short-term, things will waver between “kinda good” and “kinda bad”; long term, there are centuries before wolves and barbarians (but I repeat myself) go howling through the empty streets of the Capitol. Preachings of Imminent Doom are risible. Small-scale doom, especially if you happen to live in the wrong neighborhood? Count on it. But it’s been happening; you just didn’t notice as you drove past.

The thing is, you can’t always be sure if your neighborhood is one of the wrong ones, until something doom(ish) actually happens. Hence this prescription:

Put on your big-boy pants and go wave Hi to the neighbors. They vote for the wrong lizard, they have no idea of the right hues to paint a house and their groundskeeping is, frankly, inept; but they are indeed your neighbors, breathing the same air, and you’re going to have to get along or move out. Standing there on the sidewalk with your thumbs in your ears going “Nyah-nyah!” isn’t a useful move.

It is, however, a popular one.


  1. fillyjonk »

    30 September 2016 · 5:17 pm

    I have a suspicion that When It All Goes Wrong, it’s going to have nothing to do with which “lizard” people voted for, and we’re all gonna have to pull together to survive.

    If we still CAN pull together.

    This is kinda why I don’t do politics: it makes enemies too dang fast.

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    30 September 2016 · 9:42 pm

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  3. Roger Green »

    1 October 2016 · 7:15 am

    I think it may be over no matter what. Whether Trump wins or loses, his followers will riot

  4. ETat »

    1 October 2016 · 8:53 am

    Roger: so far your side are the ones who riot. Giving the rest of the country a good enough reason to be angry.

    Nope, can’t agree with Roberta on this one. My neighbor is someone who I haven’t choose to be near me: they just happen to be there. I’ve no obligation to get along. And we’ll see who is going to move out.

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