Picky eaters

When I was growing up, we had essentially two choices at dinner time: Take It or Leave It. I suspect this would have gone over well in that era:

So there.

Ball Park, incidentally, has introduced a flash-frozen hamburger patty, which I found pretty decent even when microwaved.


  1. fillyjonk »

    30 September 2016 · 8:59 pm

    They need to do an adult version of that, perhaps in frozen-dinner form:

    “Today sucked”
    “I can’t think about food right now”
    “Oh, whatever”
    “I’m just hungry and want to eat; I don’t care what”
    “I don’t have time to fix anything”
    “I don’t know WHAT I want.”

    Call ’em Hangry Man meals, maybe.

  2. CGHill »

    30 September 2016 · 9:14 pm

    Which is pretty much about half my dinner menu these days.

  3. ETat »

    1 October 2016 · 8:48 am

    Agree – with all 4 choices! I wouldn’t want any of those if they paid me.

  4. fillyjonk »

    1 October 2016 · 1:07 pm

    Eh, a well-made grilled cheese sandwich is perfectly acceptable even to this picky adult.

  5. zigzag »

    2 October 2016 · 3:01 pm

    gotta boil your meat, everyone knows that. no entendre here, I am from the Sanitation League. As usual, my colleagues get sick and I’m hale and hearty. I know the sectret, it’s called : study history.

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