Fuller service

Drive all the way to the gas station? Too much work:

For the next three months, Bentley owners in California can have gasoline delivered to their vehicle via an app. Because the service (called “Filld for Bentley”) is meant to be the ultimate in convenience, that means anytime, anywhere. Owners simply open an app and request the filling time — the vehicle’s connectivity functions and the Filld app work together to locate the vehicle and unlock the fuel cap.

The automaker calls it “concierge fuel service,” which brings to mind images of a silver urn rolled in on an ornate teak dolly. Perhaps even a decanter. (And how will these deliverymen be dressed?)

In something premium, one hopes.


  1. fillyjonk »

    6 October 2016 · 1:32 pm

    Gads, I wish I could get that for my decidedly downmarket Ford.

    I keep looking at the fuel gauge and wondering when I can make time when I’m not on the way somewhere, or really tired, to fill it up.

    I need a Jeeves and a Fritz Brenner and someone to do my laundry and….oh, about five people to help me in life.

  2. McG »

    6 October 2016 · 6:33 pm

    I don’t even want to know the price per gallon.

  3. CGHill »

    6 October 2016 · 8:03 pm

    Per CNET’s Road Show:

    Filld is cost-conscious enough to set its per-gallon price [to] the lowest of the three closest gas stations to where the car is parked — not that Bentley owners are going to sweat a nickel or two per gallon. Filld also tacks on a pretty modest delivery charge ranging from $3 to $5, depending on timing and location of the fill-up.

    Doesn’t sound too onerous.

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