Just Dropped in

After several years of schlepping around thumb drives to move files from the home box to the work box or vice versa, I have installed Dropbox, which simplifies the matter considerably. So far, it’s worked admirably, though there’s still a distrust of The Cloud lurking in the back of my mind.

(And with good reason, I might add: over the weekend at the iTunes Store, I bought the BT album usually referred to as __, expecting that I’d be able to pick it up on the work box Monday morning. And indeed, the 25 tracks were queued for download, but in eight hours not one of those tracks was completed. If I can’t complete the task tomorrow, I’m just going to load my home copy into Dropbox. No, I don’t sync.)

If you’ve had experience, fair or foul, with Dropbox, or with Microsoft’s OneDrive (on the work box already), I’m wanting to hear from you.


  1. fillyjonk »

    18 October 2016 · 3:09 pm

    I used “Box,” which is apparently different, for my latest round of editing work. It was fine, if at times I had to think a bit to remember the sequence of clicks to get to what I wanted or upload my finished work.

    I don’t think I’d keep anything “valuable” (e.g., a draft of a novel) on a cloud application ONLY. Too much chance of something going wrong. Then again, when I was writing my dissertation I kept (a) the most recent printout of a draft, (b) a copy on my hard drive, (c) copies on disk – one at my house, one in my office, one a third place. Just in case.

    A colleague was keeping files of his writing work in his safety-deposit box. Don’t know if he still does; that was back in the flash-drive days.

  2. McG »

    18 October 2016 · 6:09 pm

    I started with Dropbox, then moved to OneDrive when it was SkyDrive because it offered more space, which it doesn’t anymore. Now I backup most of my stuff on Google Drive but the autosync utility for Linux doesn’t work as fast as I’d like so I reclaimed my Dropbox account and use that for quick transfers now.

    I do pay for extra storage from Google; it’s cheaper than that premium offsite backup service Limbaugh used to hawk on his show.

  3. ETat »

    19 October 2016 · 9:17 pm

    Worked extensively on Dropbox at work in 2013; the place was 2-people office, and DB was used in lieu of a network server. This also enabled me to work from home: working in CAD on drawings on my home laptop, then dnloading to DB the day’s results, so the office can open it and continue.

    Also, I still have my own account where I keep one of my copies of the photo-archive.

  4. CGHill »

    19 October 2016 · 9:34 pm

    Incidentally, Apple was actually able to deliver that BT album on the second day.

  5. Brian »

    20 October 2016 · 9:17 am

    I used Dropbox extensively until this school year. My district has moved to using Google, and now blocks all Dropbox traffic on their network, including personal Dropbox accounts. I now use Google Drive, which is almost as good for my purposes.

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