My grandfather’s Oldsmobile

The manual transmission, in this part of the world anyway, is almost dead. Perhaps it’s instructive to remember that the automatic wasn’t always the default:

And in those days, GM would happily build slushboxes for everyone; smaller automakers (Hudson, Nash, Kaiser-Frazer) without the resources to develop their own transmissions came calling on the General. Even Ford bought Hydra-Matic and installed it in Lincolns; the lesser Ford-O-Matic was a licensed Borg-Warner design.

(Via Dusty Old Thing.)


  1. nightfly »

    20 October 2016 · 10:31 am

    I thought the Hydra-Matic was installed in their Greased Lightning models. But then Captain America smashed their organization and everyone started building their own transmissions… for freedom.

  2. CGHill »

    20 October 2016 · 7:58 pm

    I’m just upset that Borg-Warner never brought out a Seven of Nine-Speed automatic.

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