Flosses mounting

As was announced online several weeks back, mental_floss has ceased print publication: the November/December issue was the last. Says executive editor Foster Kamer:

Shit happens. Doesn’t mean print’s dead, or mental_floss is, either. Magazines come and go. Christ, they re-launched Radar like fifteen times, and Tablet — which launched a print mag after seven years of being digital-only — is putting out one of the best print publications I’ve ever seen, and those guys only have four issues out the door.

Perhaps ironically, the death of the dead-tree edition might actually mean fewer trees:

Since Felix Dennis’ death in 2014, Dennis Publishing has been owned by the Heart of England Forest Charity, a charity set up by Felix Dennis with the mission of “the plantation, re-plantation, conservation and establishment of trees for the benefit of the public, together with the education of the public by the promulgation of knowledge and the appreciation of trees”.

And in lieu of a further year and a half of mental_floss, I will have a couple of months of The Week, a magazine founded by, yes, Felix Dennis, added on to my subscription. At some point I figure there will be only one print magazine left, and its subscriber base will be in the tens of millions from having absorbed all those other magazines.


  1. fillyjonk »

    27 October 2016 · 7:22 am

    And it’ll probably be a magazine no one wants.

    When Victoria ceased publication in its first run (it was later revived – it’s not quite the same but it’s still good), they substituted “Health” for the remainder of the subscription.

    “Victoria” =/= “Health,” especially after one of the early issues I got had a frothing-at-the-mouth letter to the editor basically saying “HOW DARE a magazine aimed at Health talk about people eating birthday cake.”

    Victoria would have had recipes for three kinds of cakes, and photographs of antique cake stands, and a story about an artist who paints cake plates.

  2. CGHill »

    27 October 2016 · 8:01 am

    It’s a newsmagazine which does little of its own reporting; instead, it reprints stuff that was online and/or published elsewhere. To me, it’s more useful than Time.

  3. fillyjonk »

    27 October 2016 · 9:37 am

    Yeah, my dad gets it. I’ve considered taking out a subscription myself because that would mean staying informed without actually having to watch the news.

    I do worry though about the loss of magazines; in the past couple years two of the quilt magazines a really liked (including one that’s been around essentially as long as I have) decided to fold.

  4. nightfly »

    27 October 2016 · 2:52 pm

    I only knew about Mental Floss at all because of the excellent You Tube series hosted (mostly) by Matt Green.

  5. nightfly »

    27 October 2016 · 2:54 pm

    JOHN. Dammit, it’s JOHN Green. Where’d I get Matt from, I’ve no idea.

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    27 October 2016 · 7:50 pm

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  7. Lemon Stand »

    27 October 2016 · 7:57 pm

    It’s not only the print magazines but many of the e zines are also folding. Soon there will be only one source for different information. What a colorless world that will be.

  8. fillyjonk »

    28 October 2016 · 6:02 am

    And only one place to buy stuff: in person, it will be wal-mart; over the internet, it will be Amazon.

    I hope for a long life but I hope my life isn’t so long that that’s what it’s like before the end.

  9. jsallison »

    28 October 2016 · 7:07 pm

    That would simplify things where Publisher’s Clearinghouse is concerned.

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