Geezers Illustrated

I mean, really:

In July of 2007, a dozen brave 60-75 year-old men from the mountains of New Mexico stripped bare for you. Only one of them had ever been photographed nude before (and that was 40 years ago). The only excuse they had was Bill Clinton’s — “I did it because I could” — and because it gave them a grin.

We think you’ll get a grin from the pictures as well. And, we think you will be as surprised as we were at how vital, comfortable, funny and good-looking our old guys are.

I don’t know if I’d borrow an excuse from Bill Clinton, but then again, it’s way older than he is.

Besides, there’s a cause afoot:

Disney came to town last year to shoot the blockbuster movie, Wild Hogs. By many accounts, it is a typically vapid Disney offering. The film dressed up our little town like a ten year-old girl for Sunday school. It was so doggone cute! We just HATED it. As the movie succeeded, the future dawned on many of us who gathered for drinks at the Mine Shaft, for barbecue at Len’s or sat on the front porch of the Old Boarding House. We would have to deal with multitudes of tourists this summer who have never heard of the real Madrid [New Mexico] and who had come here to eat lunch at Maggie’s Diner (which is only a movie set, not a restaurant). Madrid would have to either BECOME the cute little town in the movie (its black coal dirt all covered with store-bought sod) or it would have to assert to the world what it truly is. We got ready.

And, well, resistance to the Disney machine may be futile, but I ordered the calendar anyway.


  1. Andrea Harris »

    7 September 2007 · 6:17 am

    That horse looks rather pleasantly surprised.

  2. Winston »

    7 September 2007 · 6:30 am

    That takes some … ahemmm … balls.

  3. SnoopyTheGoon »

    9 September 2007 · 9:42 am

    Good men all.

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