Piston our Post Toasties

After being edged by the Magic at home, the Thunder had the delightful prospect of flying up to Detroit. And the Pistons were understrength: Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson (!) were missing in action. Didn’t matter: Detroit opened up a 59-47 lead at the half — a trey intended to beat the buzzer didn’t — and led by as many as 19 before Oklahoma City started to gain a few. It didn’t last long, and there were some questions about the officiating:

Yeah, like Draymond was ever inadvertent. De nada. The Pistons won this 104-88, not because they got calls, not because they had such fabulous defense, and not because of Caldwell-Pope’s prodigious level of Kentaviousness, but because the Thunder couldn’t shoot to save their lives. We’re talking 33 of 88 for 37.5 percent. Three-pointers? Five of 27, just under 19 percent. The Pistons merely had to be Not Horrible to win this one, and they’re still undefeated at the Palace this season.

There was, of course, another Russell Westbrook double-double — 33 points, 15 rebounds, eight dimes — but nobody else in Thunder blue could manage even a dozen. For Detroit, Aron Baynes, playing the role of Andre Drummond, collected 20 points and eight boards; Tobias Harris led the Pistons with 22.

Good news: The Thunder come home next. Not so good news: first game is with the 6-4 Rockets, who have done better this year on the road than they have in Houston. (This assumes, as was correct at this writing, that the Rockets are stomping the 76ers.)

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