Meanwhile at the Reindeer Games

This isn’t quite the way I remember it:

What? The 27th of November is too soon?

(Via Uproxx.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    27 November 2016 · 6:29 pm

    +1 for Yukon the Red Beard Hipster

    I used to love Rudolph until I realized Santa was kind of a jerk to Rudolph. Santa isn’t supposed to be a jerk! Also, it really is kind of sad that Rudolph only really gets friends at the North Pole when they realize what he can do for them (that was kind of a childhood pattern of mine, too: “I gave you the dessert out of my lunch, do you like me now?”).

  2. McG »

    28 November 2016 · 8:01 am

    I was already refusing to go sit on Santa’s lap before I ever saw that show. May explain why I loved the show so much. “See, mommy and daddy? Santa’s really a mean old boss who puts on an act for the public, just like the President!”

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