En masse

Early in the history of this site, I noted:

It is my lot in life to bear a fairly common name. Most neighborhoods can boast a Hill or two, and as Sam Goldwyn never said, every Tom, Dick and Harry is named Charles.

For a while, I linked to as many as I could, perhaps hoping I’d find one on Charles Hill Road in Orinda, California. But eventually this became more of a burden than an amusement, and I filed away the page.

Still, I wonder: how many of us 323,878,801 Americans are named Charles Hill? This is where How Many of Me came in. I have, they said, the 9th most common first name, and the 41st most common last name, from which they concluded there are 3,779 of us.

I note purely in passing that there are five Taylor Swifts, though I’m only aware of two personally.

(Via New Jersey 101.5.)


  1. McG »

    4 December 2016 · 12:15 pm

    I am actually surprised there are only 23 people in America with both my first and last names. Now excuse me while I check to see if 22 shallow graves will fit in my basement.

  2. Dick Stanley »

    4 December 2016 · 2:05 pm

    They claim there are only five people in the US named Dick Stanley. This has been one of them.

  3. ETat »

    4 December 2016 · 4:57 pm

    The message I got is I am likely the only one in US with my combination of 1st and last names. Simple googling proves the statement wrong.

  4. Roger Green »

    4 December 2016 · 8:33 pm

    799 with my combo

  5. McG »

    4 December 2016 · 8:33 pm

    Nuts. I’m gonna need a bigger basement.

  6. jsallison »

    4 December 2016 · 9:33 pm

    1,015 for moi. 237 for wife-unit 1.0

  7. nightfly »

    6 December 2016 · 9:20 am

    My number seems low. Including common variations of my first name they said there were 121 others. I have one of the most common first names in recent American history, Michael, so unless my last name is excessively rare…

  8. CGHill »

    6 December 2016 · 1:45 pm

    I’m not even going to guess how rare it really is.

  9. PJ »

    8 December 2016 · 5:40 am

    I invented my name ‘Palyne’ from Patricia+Leon (my parents) names, and was astonished to find quite a few others had it (thanks to the internet, now I know these things). I named my daughter the unique (I thought) Rykah only to discover that wasn’t unique either. Of course, I grew up named Laura, but everybody called me Suzi, which was after my grandmother, whose name was Norma Nadine. I swear it must be something about the Ozarks.

  10. Jennifer Hast »

    13 December 2016 · 5:29 pm

    Huh, there are only 3 people in the US with my first and last name. Of course, there are apparently 1,509,563 Jennifers. Says there are 1 or fewer with my maiden name. I suppose since it is no longer my name, fewer would apply.

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