Still popping after all these years

Gershon Kingsley’s original “Pop Corn,” even unplugged, occupies a distinct (and slightly salty) niche in the annals of electronic music. Upon hearing a rumor that someone had put together a ten-hour version, I was mystified, but there were enough Related Videos to make my venture worthwhile.

For instance, there is metal Popcorn:

There is dubstep Popcorn (with a violin!):

And there is Popcorn under glass:

Finally, a techno Popcorn:

(Oh, that “10-hour” rumor? Absolutely true.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    8 December 2016 · 2:12 pm

    I figure most of those “10 hour version” things are designed as a test of stamina – how long can you watch before you click away?

    of course, Pinkie Pie’s most famous song has been given that treatment.

    (I suppose an alternate use is to play it outside of, say, a McDonald’s, to drive teenagers from the premises.)

  2. In The Mailbox: 12.08.16 : The Other McCain »

    8 December 2016 · 9:44 pm

    […] Dustbury: Still Popping After All These Years […]

  3. McG »

    9 December 2016 · 2:26 pm

    The dubstep version actually makes the song sound like it was written for violin.

  4. jsallison »

    10 December 2016 · 9:31 am

    I’ll see your metal, and raise you a bagpipe popcorn There’s gotta be a better one out there, though.

    And there can be only one 10hr video ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

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