Said the convert

Severian describes how he reacted to the presence of the Lord:

You feel completely humbled … and then you feel blissful at your humility. The reason Materialism, i.e. the basis of all modern Liberal attitudes, doesn’t satisfy is because you feel utterly alone and adrift in the world. All this — waving your arms at the entire universe — and there’s just you, a tiny speck on a tiny speck adrift in incomprehensible vastness. And you get a few trips around one of quadrillions of other identical suns, and then you’re gone, forever, into nothingness. But if you try the thought that maybe Jesus was right, and this world — all of it, all quadrillions of identical suns, all that vast unknowable universe — was created just for you … you’re overwhelmed. It’s one hell of a rush …

… and then comes the HARD part, but we’ll leave that for another time. Merry Christmas, y’all.

Nothing further need I say.

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